1V-2P Rhinestone Transfer Machine

The New CAMS 1V2P - No need for an air compressor!


If you are just getting started in the rhinestone business, or are interesting in adding onto an existing t shirt shop, you are in the right place!


The 1V2P is our entry level rhinestone transfer machine, but don't let it's position in our line up fool you - it's the cornerstone of MANY rhinestone t-shirt shops and transfer businesses around the country. The CAMS 1V-2P is truly a breakthrough in the rhinestone transfer technology. Its ability to quickly and accurately make rhinestone transfer sheets, easily and inexpensively is unrivaled in the market. 



The CAMS 1V2P, and all of the automatic rhinestone setting machines come with a long list of standard features.

  • Places 170 stones per minute - 13% FASTER than previous model- Since the average rhinestone transfer size is only 300 stones, the 1V2P will allow you to create one in as little as 2 minutes - that's productivity!
  • 2 Colors, 2 Sizes - Having 2 "hoppers' with your CAMS rhinestone machine means that  you can run 2 color, or 2 sizes of stones in your designs with ease. Stand apart from your competition. 
  • LED Menu - Just makes this rhinestone transfer machine that much easier to use
  • Large Design Size - Makes rhinestone transfers up to 9.8 x 11.8 inches in size.
  • Rhinestone Size Range - The 1V-2P will handle Hotfix Rhinestone or Rhinestud sizes from 2mm to 5mm
  • Compact Design - The CAMS 1V-2P is less than a 2' cube, so can fit almost anywhere.
  • Automatic Positioning - Automatic positioning according to x-y coordinates.
  • Included Premium Software - Hotfix Era for Rhinestone transfer design


The answer depends on many factors, including what you want from your Rhinestone Business, who your customers are, what your market is and, of course, what your budget is. But this CAMS machine is our most popular one, so it might be the best rhinestone transfer machine for you if:

You need to conserve space

The 1V-2P is just slightly smaller than 24" square. That's a LOT of income potential in a small space! Of course, you'll still need to find room for the air compressor, heat press, etc, but you should be able to fit your entire rhinestone t-shirt production shop in a very small space.

You need something fast

Your profits are going to hinge on how many garments or t-shirt transfers you can produce, so speed is of the essence. The 1V2P will operate at 170 stones per minute, and it lays them DIRECTLY onto your transfer paper, so this machine will not slow down your income.

You need something easy to use

Most of our customers come to ColDesi and the CAMS machine without a mechanical or graphics background. Luckily, the 1V2P is very easy to maintain, and the Hotfix Era rhinestone design software that comes with it is easy, easy, easy to use. 

You need something that will DO THE JOB:

The CAMS 1V-2P is capable of placing 170 stones per minute with two colors or sizes of rhinestones or rhinestuds directly to heat transfer material. This means that a typical design with two colors of 300 stones can be done in as little as two minutes. 

Additionally, there are optional hoppers available that allow you to do any combination of 4 different colors and sizes of rhinestones and rhinestuds, making it possible to do multi-color, mult-size designs. The large design field on the CAMS 1V-2P is 9.8 inches x 11.8 inches enabling you to create transfers for sizes ranging from a child’s shirt to an adult size jacket.

You can download the brochure for the CAMS 1V-2P here.

How a Rhinestone Machine Works
1V2P Rhinestone Machine Specifications
Available jewels Hotfix Rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads (2mm - 5mm)
Colors (cups per head) 2 Colors/Sizes (Cups)
Optional Additional hoppers available
Working Area
9.8"(X) x 11.8"(Y) (basic)
Single phase - AC 110V, 240w, 50/60Hz
Maximum working speed
170 stones per minute (13% faster than previous model!)
D 23.6 inches x W 23.6 inches x H 21.2 inches
Air Consumption*
104 lbs
PC Requirements
Hotfix Era required Windows based systems with 2-4GB RAM
32 bit Graphics Card with OpenGL and a CD/DVD Plater
CAMS 1V2P Literature
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